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  • 郵編:244121
  • 電話:13856205511
  • 地址:安徽省銅陵市義安區鐘鳴鎮豐泉東路6號

銅陵杰達機械設備有限公司于2013年11月18日經政 府孵化扶持,成立銅都品牌環保設備廠,坐落于中國古銅都—銅陵市義安區經濟開發區。是一家專 業從事真空過濾機研發、生產、銷售和技術服務的高新技術企業。



Tongling Jieda Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. was incubated and supported by the government on November 18, 2013 to establish Tongdu Brand Environmental Protection Equipment Factory, which is located in Yi'an Economic Development Zone, Tongling City, the ancient copper capital of China. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sales and technical services of vacuum filters.

Main product range: manufacturing and sales of fully automatic vacuum ceramic filter, ceramic filter plate, intelligent rubber belt vacuum filter, ultrasonic cleaning, ceramic plate (filter cloth) cleaning agent, slurry separation agent, and automation system. Its main ceramic filter and belt filter of Tongdu brand have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and the products are widely used in the solid-liquid separation and water treatment industries of mineral processing, smelting, coal, chemical industry, building materials, papermaking, brewing and other industries.

The company is committed to the research and development of solid-liquid separation field and special chemicals for mining based on the enterprise tenet of "everything is subject to quality, everything is service to customers", paying attention to customer needs. As a leading enterprise in the vacuum filtration industry, it is one of the first batch of enterprises to introduce ceramic filter technology and Panvis technology from Ottokumputtek, Finland. It has obvious technical advantages and has an independent research and development team. The company has 36 sets of processing equipment such as CNC lathes, laser cutting machines, gantry milling machines, plate shears, bending machines, plate bending machines, drilling machine lathes, CNC argon arc welding machines, CNC centers, automatic flame cutting machines, etc. It has 4 filter production lines, 1 detergent and flocculant production line, and 8 ceramic filter plate firing kilns. There are more than 150 employees. Have the ability to perform tens of millions of contracts. Welcome people from all walks of life to visit our factory! Your satisfaction is the pride of Tongdu people!